The value of a personal brand

Purchasing Ciara represented the peaks and troughs of life  –  joy and pain.  From feeling ill and despairing to being hopeful and joyful.

The change that comes with maturity and the stark difference between an 11 year old with a sense of shame and disdain for her Father’s smoking Mercedes and the appreciation of a 49er regarding the value of the brand Mercedes and old things in general.

The idea of the possibilities Ciara brings as a classic rental vehicle shows that entrepreneurship isn’t far from creativity and is dependent on being able to make bold moves and take risks.


July was a very stressful month for me.  Lots of issues at work.  I knew I wasn’t eating properly.  A trip to Royal Senchi was meant to de stress me.  My Madam was moody that afternoon so lunch was staid atmosphere wise even though the food was good and there was an excellent live band.

I decided to walk towards the river, water always has a good effect on me.  As I stepped onto the wooden bridge I felt a burning on my feet.  Red ants.  It was so painful and they were climbing rapidly up my dress.  I managed to get them off but the pain was unbearable.

That evening we checked into a hotel and I engaged in a rather big late dinner of chicken tikka masala which was spicy and chock full of tomatoes. 

Monday saw me at the Doctors for the results of my cholesterol. It was high and I was put on immediate meds. 

I was admitted on Tuesday for chest pains, kept overnight and discharged on Wednesday.  I saw Ciara Saturday morning.  Taking my daughter to see the car, I bumped into the owner’s son on Sunday after church.   I bought her on Monday 31st July 2017.  This is the message the gentleman’s son sent me:

‘Good am and hope everything is fine.  My Dad got calls this morning about the sale of the car so if you two will be meeting try striking out a deal with him.  Force your way through it.


Good Luck


Thank you so much.  I am by God’s grace the proud owner of a vintage Mercedes


Praise Him.  I don’t know why I met you after church whilst it could have been any other buyer.  Congrats and thanks.


God is good


All the time. Amen’


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