The ‘Secret Number‘ started off as a small project for my birthday celebration, and as many of our ideas tend to, took off like a Boeing 777 with us as willing passengers on board.  I was attempting through this film and my love for the James Bond 007 movies, to tell my life’s story in an interesting way and feature if I could, all the people who have been part of an exciting and blessed journey of 50 years.  Making this film became part of this fantastic journey and gave me the opportunity to explore screen writing and filmmaking. From the plush African Regent Hotel in Accra our project took us to beautiful places in our country including my villagio, that we are proud to showcase in this movie. We sourced our music from the experienced such as Gyedu Blay Ambolley and Wulomei and the budding – Sizz the Truth and Biqo.  Our goal was to document and control our own stories.   

This is not a Tom Cruise ‘Mission Impossible’ movie, or a ‘Black Panther’, but I want to say that like a mother takes pride in her baby’s first step, I am thrilled about this first step that Antique Lemonade has taken.  I accept all criticism and painful lessons of this first step with humility and appreciation.   Of course, every first step is tentative, wobbly, clumsy and most probably likely to result in a fall, but it is still a step.  That step will lead to another step, then to tottering before walking, brisk walking, running, climbing, jumping.  But it all starts with a shaky, uncertain step.  This New Year, I want to encourage all of you to dig into your souls, find your purpose and take your very own step.

As an art space we are big on collaboration, the merging of different talent and skills to create enduring things.  Books, films that generations after us can still experience.  For some of the actors who have never been in movies, it has been a dream come true.  We were amazed at how they took to their roles like ducks to water.

I would like to end by saying that my personal word for this year is ‘Possibilities’.  Last year it was ‘Authenticity’ the discovering of self, who I was a person, as a mentor and a creative, and being honest about myself, warts and all.

‘Secret Number’ gave Antique Lemonade new direction birthing our film and publishing unit – The Lemon Tree.  As God has graced us this New Year, we are determined to explore possibilities and to improve ourselves.  I love the title of Michelle Obamas new book’ Becoming’.  It indicates that we are constantly learning, growing and life is full of lessons that we can benefit from if we open ourselves to knowledge and also to failure. Because things won’t always go our way.  We won’t always be happy, or winners, or as famous as we think we should be.  But so long as we have breath, there is always, always by God’s grace the chance to bump fists with possibilities and opportunities.  Time and chance sure does happen to us all.

I would like to thank the cast and crew for their time, with special mention of Mr Brian Angels our Araba Bonde. Andrei Komei, Brenda Taylor Powell, Charles William Coussey, Gina Akala and all the cast. To the production team made up of Director of Aerial Photography  Steve Ababio, Director Stanley Adjetey, Assistant Director Khaleb Aryee and Production Manager Eunice Dara, Delasi Anyah our talented storyboard artist and other members of the crew, God bless you for your effort and commitment not only before, and during the shooting of Secret Number, but also the exhausting post editing work. My brother Robert Andoh for all his contributions to the story discussed over a long period of time. My cousin Mary Lemaire for the fufu and serious soup and lovingly packed meals when we visited Cape Coast.  Sincere appreciation to our main sponsors for this premiere, Go TV for this beautiful space, Super copy for all our design and printing, Atlantic Logistics CEO Maud Lindsay, catering for us today and Lindiwe Communications Rosaline Nutsugah who managed our media.  Thank you to all who have contributed financial and otherwise to the Antique Lemonade Art Space allowing us to take steps towards a future that is most definitely a bright, star studded impactful one.  A future that will involve using the arts to put Ghana on the global map.  Thank you and God bless

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