The collaborator within

The Antique Lemonade Art Space has evolved since its inception into a space that not only encourages creatives but provides a platform for fruition of ideas.

About Collaboration

It’s a common fact that as tiny as ants are individually, they are awesome within a colony.  Our core value as a space is to synergise creative gifts and produce work of quality that represent the excellence we seek to project.  Taking back control of the African narrative is not just one person’s journey or responsibility.  At Antique Lemonade we believe that it is a collective duty for all of us to empty ourselves of creative gifts in different ways.

Antique Lemonade started off as a photo gallery, a space to showcase the experienced and the novice photographer.  Although we have evolved into an art space that most recently delved into publishing and film, photography will always be our first love and feature strongly in our activities.

In this two year journey as an art space, I find it interesting to note how some creatives make a point on social media to talk about how people want work done for free. How exposure does not pay the bills.

I can understand that there will be people out there who may want to take advantage of your skills, but I also believe that you must be wise and deliberate in your choices.  There are collaborations that may not pay off immediately but can serve as either new learning experiences or provide big opportunities in the future.  I could not live off my writing, but it has taken me places, created opportunities and made me some unexpected money.  Make investments and or find things to do that can generate a living whilst you pursue your passion.

I speak from experience, because in my 21 years of entrepreneurship, there were times when I couldn’t pay my bills, when I had to take part time work to pay my staff, go down to Kantamanto to look for clothes to sell to make extra money.  There were years where I had nothing to show in my bank account after a year of what I thought was hard work.  Success. Enduring success takes time.  But what is our definition of success? Is it about wealth, assets, legacy, impact on family, community, the world?  That is a question we all must answer for ourselves. 

I have grown to realise that success comes when you are driven to serve, to excel in that service. All we have is by God’s grace.  It is this grace that endows us with creative gifts which He expects us to share with the world. And time. How we choose to use our time as creatives is crucial.  Are we building real portfolios or pandering to likes on social media?  Beware of excessive praise, I read recently, I believe it can stunt your growth and make you complacent. Take correction. Learn. Grow.

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