DK Osei Yaw and Franka-Maria Andoh

The Elmina Castle loomed behind him on its craggy perch overlooking the sea.   A cluster of leafless coconut trees and the new pink roof clashed. The village sprawled out behind the castle.  Shiny ‘zingli’, locally made roofing sheets, glinted in the sun like silver teeth.  The castle itself was derelict and damp and needed to be painted again.  At least that was Big Sam’s comment when they went to the castle on a school trip.  The 200th anniversary of stopping the slave trade was being celebrated.  A very important man was visiting their school from England.  Kwame remembered that day like it was yesterday.

The Trip of Completion

I am here

Your Mother


Waiting for you

By the sea

What language

Will you speak

To me

Say “eti sen”

I will say “3y3”


I will respond “ahiemi”

Call out “Efoaa”

“Ayy” will be my reply

And even if

We cannot speak

You will find me

Waiting for you

By the river

Where I last saw you

And you will know me

Because the blood

That flows in me

Flows in you too

And as we clasp

Each other

One another

We will open our arms


To embrace our brothers

and Sisters

Of the world

 In love and mercy

We will smile with

Tears in our eyes

And the repentance

The Forgiveness

Will ease the Pain

Will ease the pain

Ease the pain

The Pain 


Will be no more

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