The Gift of Creativity

I am thrilled to announce that my very first play will be on stage in November.

It has sat in my computer for many years, originally written as an entry to the BBC for a radio play. As I began to share the initial poster on social media I got thinking about creative work and what its purpose is. How do creatives see this gift of theirs and the use of it?

I believe that creative work is to be shared with community, society and the world. This play stuck in my laptop would have brought no one pleasure or inspiration. The story would never have been told if the opportunity had not come up.

The blessing of our art space Antique Lemonade is mostly about the movement of creatives through the space. The networking, connecting and encouraging. Most importantly, the collaboration of different gifts to achieve big, audacious creative goals. Yadah Productions who will be staging this play came through the art space and proved that they were excited enough about the story to tell it on stage.

Being a creative is powerful. It allows you to take stories to people, to document history and to create change through art, film, poetry, music..

It also gives you a choice in how you view your craft. Is it for you a source of massaging your ego or a gift to be shared with humanity? What a powerful choice to have to make. What a powerful gift. My humble advice is this. Use it well. Use it wisely. Leave a legacy.

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